AKER , an ancient EARTH-GOD , signifying the horizon, the point where night turns to day, where day turns to night, and therefore depicted as two lions seated back to back, facing away from each other. They are also called ‘Yesterday’ and Tomorrow’, as one lion faces towards the east where the sun rises and begins the new day, the other lion faces west where the sun sets and descends into the Underworld. Aker also guards the gate to the Underworld and opens it for the King to pass through.

The area between the lions´ backs often shows the circle of the sun as if rising between two hills. This also signifies the sun´s journey across the sky during the day, as well as it being safely carried on the back of AKER during it´s dangerous night journey in the Underworld each night.

its show the ancient worries of the darkness will emerge again and the next day will never come they guaurding and protecting the most important journey of the RA ,


its not worshipped and a god ,,there is no worshipping centres and temples but it was more like EARTH-POWER and PRIMEVAL concept .