the first god and all the gods comes from his flesh or being his  ( KA ) ( KA is the soul for ancient , his name to be deprived of the verb ( TM ) which means to complete or t finish and its one of the verbs still used in the Egyptian slang

Atum his name been mention for the first time in the pyramids tests as the god and as the father of the king helps lifting the dead king to be living star and releifes at AMUN temple showing ATUM crown the king .

The Creator God of the myth of Heliopolis, who rose out of the Primeval Waters ( NUN ) to form the Primeval Mound, the first piece of land which emerged when the water withdrew.

Some of his titles  were: ‘Lord to the limit of the sky’, ‘He Who came into being of Himself’, the ‘Lord of All’ and ‘Lord of Iunu (Heliopolis) He self-developed into a being, standing on a raised mound,,, the primeval mound, which became the ( BEN-BEN ) a pyramid shaped stone, regarded as the dwelling place of the sun god .


Atum is therefore the creator god who created the universe, he is the supreme being and master of the forces and elements of the universe.

Utterance 600 in the Pyramid Texts:


“O Atum-Kheper! You became high on the height, you rose up as

the Benben Stone in the Mansion of the Phoenix in On (Heliopolis).”


ancient represents Atum as man wearing double crown of upper and lower kingdoms or wearing the royal headdress which is called  ( nems ) copra


Atum represents and embraces the idea if perfection ( the perfect state ) male and female ,the producer of ( SHU ) and ( TEFNU ) who turned producing ( GEB ) and ( NUT ) who brought the children ( OSIRIS ) ( ISIS ) ( SYTH ) ( NEPHTYS )

All of them forming the ennead of  HILOPOLIS ) { first sun cult city }.

the pyramids time showing that ATUM holds his male organ with his hand ( masterbution )  creating ( SHU ) and ( TEFNU )

the other sources which says Atum sneezing ( SHU ) and spitting ( TEFNU ) based on the sounds of the name in coptic pronouncition ( which is the survived tone of the ancient hieroglyphs .

The Bremner-Rhind Papyrus states :


“All manifestations came into being after I developed…no sky existed no earth existed…I created on my own every being…my first became my spouse…I copulated with my hand…I sneezed out SHU …I spat out TEFNU ..Next Shu and Tefnut produced GEB and NUT …Geb and Nut then gave birth to WSIR ..(Gr: Osiris) seth – Aset (Gr: Isis) and NEBT_HET (Gr: Nephty) they produced the population of this land.”