Differ first between Horus the Elder and Horus son of ISIS . The falcon, soaring with outstretched wings was already in Predynastic times seen as the sky-god, his eyes were called the sun and the moon. The sky, the sun and the falcon were at this time equaled with the king and out of this came the symbol of the winged disc which was one of the many forms of Horus. This became the royal insignia, used on lintels over doors of temples and royal building, as well as on many other places. This refers to the form of him as “Horus the Elder”, or ‘Heru-Wer’. Then there is Horus son of Isis, or Heru-sa-Aset in ancient Egyptian, or Harsiese in Greek. Next there is also the Living Horus, the form which embodies the ruling King, or rather his spirit or ‘ka’. What makes it so confusing is that these three forms are given local names, like Harendotes or Heru-Behdety and many other, but in reality they all come from these two different ones, Horus the Elder and Horus son of Isis. The Living Horus is all tied in with the concept of the Divine Kingship so it is a bit different.

In early times he was the ruler of Lower Egypt, in later times he was considered to rule all of Egypt. In the tale of the Contending of Horus and Set it is told about his fight against his uncle Set, who had slain his father OSIRIS and how he finally gained his father´s throne back from SET .


HORUS ruling the lower egypt and fertile land and SET ruling the desert and the mountains and early days was ruling the upper land .


most of the kings want to show them selfs as the followers of horus and follower on earth continue set up the MAAT ( justice ) on earth like the early day of the beginning .