ASET is the much older Egyptian deity, first mentioned in Dynasty IV when she was known in myth as the sister-spouse and mourner of Wesir (Gr: Osiris), mother of  HRU (Gr: Horus) and sister of NEPT_HET (Gr: Nephtys) and SET , children of GEB and NUT of the Heliopolitan Ennead. Her name which means “throne” or “seat”, indicating the seat of kings, is the same as the hieroglyph frequently seen above her head. This meant that she personified the Throne of Egypt who made the kings. Thereby she was the King´s symbolical mother and as such of special significance to him, but in the early days she was not everyone else’s s mother.

Together with her sister NPT_HeT  (Gr: Nephtys) she is frequently seen on coffins in the form of a kite with outstretched wings protecting the deceased or in the Hall of Judgment standing protectively behind the throne of WESIR .In this aspect she is more a mortuary deity than a mother goddess.

In myth she seems more fierce than a mother goddess, quite strongwilled and could lash out against attackers if need be. She sometimes appears as the scorpion goddess SERKET and as the star SOPEDT (Sirius, Gr: Sothis) she is considered to bring on the inundation and the ancient Egyptians called her the “Eye of Re”, giving her an association with the sun.

she is been identified as the lady of magic for the her trick to know the name which access to knowledge ,

she is the goddess above all the women and she is the mother of mothers ,protecter of the childhood .

she is always been shown with winged depicted with her sister NYPHTYS together surrounding the coffin of the deceased and helping and protecting supporting him brining the memories of the beginning when they stands next to the coffin f osiris

its very famous ancient symbol represent ISIS and the symbol remains to reveal the power of the names of the only god RA and contains the powerful spells of HIS hidden name


Creator of the heavens and the earth
Moulder of the Mountains
Creator of the water for the Great flood’ [primeval cow goddess]
Maker of the bull for the cow in order to bring sexual pleasure into being
Controller of the Inundation
Khepri in the morning
Re at noon
Atum in the evening


she is the lady of the magic and she promised RA she will only drop his hidden name to her only son HORUS and to not uncover it t anyone .