NEBT_HET  ( NEPHTYS ) meaning “Mistress of the House”, which is a title rather than a name, and the same word as her hieroglyphic sign shown above her head. Also called “Friend of the Dead”. Daughter to GEB and Nut of the Helipolis Ennead, sister to ASET (Gr: Isis), WESIR , (Gr: Osiris) and sister-spouse to Set. In later times said to be the mother of INPW (Anubis). She is seldom mentioned other than with her sister, whose faithful companion she always is, helping her mourn and prepare the deceased WESIR , and accompanying him into the Netherworld. She also protects and takes care of the young HERU child, son of ASET . She is sometimes associated with the linen bandages that are used for the mummy. Although frequently mentioned in the Pyramid Texts and the Book of Going Forth By Day (the Book of the Dead), she doesn´t seem to have had a worship of her own and no temples of cult centres of hers have survived.


mistress of the house always shows her self next to her sister like her shade at all the relifs from the coffins while both of them show winged and surrounding the deceased and his coffin ,and also in the paining of the book of the dead and last chapter of book ( final court ) while her and ISIS show next to OSIRIS at his shrine witness the judgement .