the name of osiris is greek comes from he hieroglyphic ( WSR ) or ( WSEIR ) , we didn’t reach definite conclusion to the meaning of his name although according to the symbols at his name it could means ( the place of the eye ) or ( the seat of the eye ) .

it thought that it could means the perfect one or the mighty one but he got many titles like  ( LORD OF DUAT { afterlife } or ( JUDGE OF THE BLESSED DEAD ) and ( KING OF KINGS )


his origin is still great mystery for all the historians ,some believes in he was foreign king came to settle in north egypt at the pre historical periods .he representing the king of the living and fertile world and at the same time the judge of the dead who meant to enter his eternal world .

one and the only one most important and famous in egyptians gods and his role comes from his suffering and his ability to conquer the death made hime not just king of living but also king os who promised eternal life .

being depicted  most often as human figure ,head and torso comes out of mummified  warpped body with the arms comes out of  wrapping holds crook and flail colored black or white representing the dead realm or green representing fertility , wearing white crown of upper Egypt flanked with feather and rams horns .

osiris in the myth that he is the son of GEB and NUT and that he is been killed by HIS brother SYETH and THAT his wife ISIS struggled to find him and to pray for his resurrection and giving birth of HORUS , there is no actually written account of this myth so probably it handed down by oral tradition ,the complete written version of it dates back to the greek time reflects greek stye however this myth could be traced in pyramids texts and new kingdom and greecko roman time and some reliefs at the temples

through this myth osiris became the king of kings and the ruler of the after life and the guides of chosen souls

osiris in the kingdom ,,,,, from the inscription at the pyramids texts show that only the kings who shows them selfs in the osiris form at the after life and that osiris is the ruler of egypt during the pre historical periods .

Opposed to Osiris as ruler of the Duat, there is his connection with the concept of the sun-king. It is believed that this reflects the ancient Egyptian fear of death. They dreaded the gloom of the Underworld and therefore it lay close to hand to in Osiris see the counterpart of the sun-god – the opposite pole so to speak. This would ensure that the Underworld would always have at least some shade of the light of day. It was said that Re an Osiris embraced one another as ‘twin souls’ and Re is even told to superwise the funeral of Osiris. This might also be the reason Osiris was often seen as the moon while Re symbolized the sun.

the importance of abydos temple and its connection between osiris and abydos asa village and temple the abydos probably where is the main body of osiris been buried and thats why abydos been the first destination of pilgrim  hoping they will collect their body pieces together to continue the journey to the after life and been the chosen souls of ruler of the heaven osiris .