SEKHMET , her consort PTAH and their son NEFERTUM ,,,made up the Memphite Triad. Her name meant “THE MIGHTY ONE“ and she was embrace with war and revenge  and was said to have an awesome appeareance, her weapons being arrows ‘with which she pierces hearts   ; her body was said to spread a fiery glow . She was depicted with a lioness´ head and her breath was associated with the hot winds of the desert.

Another name for her was ‘The Eye of Re ‘ showing her solar association and there by also her association with the king. She was often called his mother and followed him in battle. Apart from her protective side she also represented the destructive side of the sun and was therefore sometimes called the daughter of Re. When Thebes was the seat of royal residence,   (11th Dyn.) the local goddess MUT was merged with her . She was also called “Great of Magic” and was a goddess of healing and surgery .




one of the legend says that Amun getting old ,,mankind underestimate him and stop giving offering at his temple so he created SEKHMET as the heat of the desert to revenge and destroy all the mankind and she started her mission and the lakes of blood spread every where ,AMUN felt mercy again towards mankind asked her to stop she didn’t she couldn’t thats her purpose and her mission so advised by the other gods to trick her with faking a lake of red wine instead of blood and she found it and she start to drink till she get drunk and AMUN get the chance to turn her to BASTET the soft face of the lioness