Set, Seth, , the second son of GEB and  NUT , depicted as either an animal with four legs, a curving nose , long ears and an erect tail, or as a human with an animal´s head. still under research and discussion to figure out what kind of animal it is . His skin was white and his hair red, he was called the god of chaos, of thunder and storms, of destruction and of the desert. He travelled with RA in the sun-boat, standing in the prow, spearing the attacking Apophis serpent of chaos. According to myth he was jealous of his brother Osiris and betrayed and killed him, taking his throne. Through this action the deceased received a ruler in the Underworld and Seth was later beaten by HORUS , the son of OSIRIS .


set been attacked from a lot of scientist and writers as akiller of his brother although a lot of kings show them selfs under his protection and support plus its the other side of horus and the unification of the soul will not complete without his support .


thats why its been shown in the most important famous symbol in ancient myth which is ( SM3 – TAWY ) the unified land or spiritually the unified soul .


i will tend to think that set never and will never been the god of evil but he representing this intermediate person in any one or any country or any creature life circle which brings the order again or as they call it the creative chops .